Clifford Singer, Geometrical Clouds, 1978©, Acrylic on canvas, 42 x 84 inches

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This painting was done in 1978 while in Robert Swain’s painting class at Hunter Graduate School
“Working in this fashion had created difficulties for the viewer in that it is contradictory and inconsistent with common experience that is — actually based in fact. This Geometrical Cloud painting which I had produced in 1978 raised much controversy, considering a broad difference with known reference of works by traditionally known contemporaries such as Josef Albers, Al Held, Kenneth Snelson, as well as Kenneth Martin with his systematic grid work at that time. ”

“White Cloud as a wall construction was derived and developed from an aquatint etching that I had done in Vincent Longo’s print studio in 1978 and later produced from hand cut plastic with white acrylic as you can see here. The Blue Cloud wall construction was developed from a series of drawings in 1978 and hand cut plastic with blue acrylic that are consistent with my method in producing this Geometric Cloud painting in 1978. It is fascinating to see a Geometrical Cloud painting together with the Geometric Cloud sculptures.”

Ivan C. Karp of the O.K. Harris Gallery, New York stated in 1978 “Clifford Singer is the most fierce geometric painter” Clifford Singer © 2012

Nicholas Krushenick told me in 1974, “Cliff, you are only as good as your last painting.”

Nicholas Krushenick further remarked, “Albers painted that same square for thirty years.”
“I was the one who told Al Held to go to art school.” Years later I discovered that Nick and his brother were comedians in the Catskills for many years.


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