Clifford Singer’s Renowned Lincoln Center Poster

A man in a suit and tie sitting on top of a white stool.

Clifford Singer © at Lincoln Center 1991 in front of Mostly Mozart Festival in Tokyo
Photo: Courtesy Helene Weitzner

A painting of a blue circle with the words " mozart ".

Clifford Singer. Mostly Mozart. Study for Lincoln Center. 1990. Acrylic on Plexiglas. 24 x 25 inches

A blue and yellow spiral design on the cover of an american express calendar.
A man and two women posing for the camera.

30th Anniversary Celebration of Lincoln Center/ List Art Poster Collection, 1993 ©
left, Vera List, center, Clifford Singer, right, Delmar Hendricks

A poster of an abstract design in blue and yellow.

Clifford Singer. Lincoln Center Poster. 1991.

A blue and yellow painting with red, black, white and yellow circles.

Clifford Singer. Etude In Resonance. 1990. Acrylic on Canvas. 63 x 66 inches

A room with paintings and a table in it

Clifford Singer, Artist Studio, Las Vegas, NV, Photo: Clifford Singer ©
Collection the artist.

A bunch of different types of art work
A number of different types of art on display.
A group of men sitting in front of plates.

Clifford Singer, Lincoln Center Edition, Jupiter 1991©, assembled by artist at Charles Cardinale's studio, New York, Photo: Clifford Singer 1991©

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