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 "As an artist and geometer 'infinity' has taken an important

place in my life in terms of abstraction. At the age of five I had

frequent dreams of infinite distances in space between

spheres. This was quite an overwhelming experience for me

and at the age of seven informed my mother of these ongoing

dreams of infinity and she stated 'no one has dreams of

infinity – silly'.  While working on my M.F.A. at The City

College, Professor Jacob Rothenberg, Chairman of the Dept.

of Fine Arts, after I discussed my childhood dreams of infinity

he stated that 'Buddha dreamt of infinity'.."

Accelerated Time 

2008, Acrylic on Plexiglas, 36 x 72 inches

"As a model this painting entitled Accelerated Time represents

a future light cone event depicted by an infinitely far distance

from the present apex or vertex traveling with infinite velocity

to a vantage point of reference in the picture. In cosmological

terms we are thrown into a space and time that is

indeterminate of its effect on our present time separating our

experience in reality. Since Hubble's Law has been emended

in the last decade by findings that the universal expansion is

accelerating everywhere, with the very popular and current

controversy over 'dark matter' which is thought now to

predominate over visible matter and energy and by a large

degree in fact. Thus the black field, as it also predominates in

the visual presentation may be suggestive of this dark energy

also postulated by some to involve itself in the acceleration of

the expanding universe. There are the white spectral lines

separating and the black field outside of the light cone. From

Newton to D’Alembert to Einstein and Hawking, I have

created a painting of dynamical space and time."

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