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Edward Fields Tapestry

I contracted with Jack Fields of Edward Fields in 1983 to do a limited edition carpet wall tapestry based on 35mm slide of a painting I produced at the time derived from panel one of my print portfolio Pentameter Suite, 1982.  Jack had a prototype made in his carpet factory measuring approx. 60 x 60 inches, numbered 1/12 unsigned.  I went to their showroom office at midtown Manhattan and was dissatisfied with the product.  Thus within months canceled the contract with Edward Fields. 

Recently, this canceled and disapproved carpet turned up on the art market in Miami, Florida.  I enquired with Edward Fields in New York about the carpet/tapestry.  Edward Fields was sold to Tai Ping Carpet in around 2005. This further distances me from the canceled carpet edition. 

The carpet label on reverse has an incorrect title which was never issued by artist nor approved by artist.  There is no provenance on the carpet tapestry or how it ended up in Miami.  Please contact me if you should have any information on provenance.  I was never paid my commission on the work and should not be on the market.

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Clifford Singer ©1983

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