Clifford Singer,  "Your artwork stands on it's own."

                                          Howard Rubenstein, PR, 1991

"Your artworks present a warm, pleasing, well, organized family of forms."
Roman Verostko , December 2017

JMM 2018, Exhibition of Mathnematical Art, January 10-13, San Diego Convention Hall
"I am fascinated by your use of Differential Geometry and your application of a mathematical construction of planar curves and surface of classical geometry and graphing them linearly. 
The transformation from math to beautiful artworks of a topological landscape is truly magical."  Irene Rousseau,© November 2017

Clifford Singer, Cut Space Series, © 2011, 
       Installation at Las Vegas studio

As models -- these paintings represent a space time continuum, the singularity of beginning and end points are of an anomaly. In the paintings I suggest the dynamics of a space that continually expands the structural space and geometrical fragmentation in space-time from a Big Bang. Line segments in the universe are interconnected, even when they appear to be separate from one another. In space-time curvature the geometrical strain illustrates a deformation of space. In the art one can identify a time axis with our world line.  So, pursued through painting, works of art is a structured space perceived in space-time yields the image.” Clifford Singer © 2011

Essay by Stanley Fogel, New York, 2011
Former Financial Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank 

"Clifford Singer specializes in bringing the insights of advanced mathematics; topology and algebraic geometry; into concrete artistic form. In his latest work "Cut Space Series # 76" he evokes the form of the early universe as it explodes outward in its first nanoseconds of existence. In this exploding infant universe one can almost see the trajectories of subatomic particles that are brought into existence as the symmetry of unity is broken into the four fundamental forces. And yet, even then, one can envision the newly liberated shards of matter pulling back on each other as gravity emerges from its primordial quantum state." Stanley Fogel © 2011

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Kenneth Snelson

 Hi Cliff,  Lots of beautiful work. Thanks for letting me know about the videos. Best,  Ken

July 26, 2011 at 3:09pm


mathtourist Ivars Peterson

Beauty of geometric constructions in the art of Clifford Singer @MammothArt

Oct 02, 8:21 AM via Twitter for iPad





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