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  Clifford Singer, Cyclical Oceanic Waves Series, No. 141 ©, 2012
(a mathematical perspective), Photographs: 1992 - 2012

This series of oceanic waves represented in my photographs along with the mathematical dynamics developed in the Euler equations, Hamiltonian partial differential equations, stationary ergodic processes represent the variable bottom and nonlinear boundary conditions on the free surface. There is a goal of asymptotic description of waves over a bottom, in the long wave limit. Lemma, a recurring theme in my work since 1983 represents that orbits are uniformally bounded. Notice in the random characteristic coordinates the irregularity in the scattered wavefield in derivatives from Brownian motion. Oceanic waves move by the exchange of energy in cyclic movement through the medium of water which does not travel. Wave motion is not water flow,
but the flow of energy made visible.
Clifford Singer © 2012

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