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Clifford Singer



Singer CutSpace34 375
Cut Space Series, Composition #34, © 2002-2006 by Clifford Singer
18"h x 22"w; Ink jet print on paper

Singer MechanicalWorld375
Mechanical Universe, © 2000-2005 by Clifford Singer
16"h x 20"w; Inkjet print on paper

Key words: Art, Geometry, Space-Time, Perihelion, Continuity, Light Cone, Line, Color, Value, Kandinsky, Minkowski, Einstein, and Weyl. Pursued, through painting, works of art yielding a structural space perceived in space-time. The connectivity and colinearity within the non-linear incidence geometry raise constructibility questions. To establish a distinction that is an event localized in space and time; that this creative event takes place at a world point, a here and now, reflected through the assemblage of a structural space representative of space-time in geometrical terms, is an ultimate fact. Restrictions of the pictorial plane limit, in an artistic sense, the points of view, any influence or message within the scope of the image. The perihelion was an impact on my art as significantly as Kandinsky and his dynamics of linear space.



Clifford Singer
Las Vegas, Nevada
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