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Clifford Singer, Heptameter Suite, 1981©, Silkscreen on paper, Portfolio of 7 prints, 24 x 24 inches each.  IBM Corporation Collection, Tarrytown, NY, Installation View, Photo: Clifford Singer 1981©
This sale took me 10 months to close.  I met with Chuck Gregory, who was the in house architectural designer and also art buyer for IBM at the time.  Chuck at my sales meeting stated that my work looked like it was generated by a computer -  I replied, "Chuck, I am the computer".  After 10 months, I received a call from Mr. Gregory stating IBM was going to buy my portfolio and that I was the first artist to sell to IBM directly without an art dealer or consultant in the middle.  I delivered the portfolio and received a check for $1500.00 shortly after.  This was quite substantial as I printed 60 portfolios.
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